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Changing the narrative

The stories we tell about sustainability, social issues or the climate crises are actively shaping how people think, act and envision the future.

Every content creator has the opportunity to challenge and rewrite the status quo, and inspire action to build a sustainable and just society.

We strive to level the playing field for professionals who want to make change happen by giving them the skills to use the power of communication for good.

The Impact Writing Institute empowers content creators to better communicate sustainability and social issues to make change happen.


Media training for impact innovators

Blow up your bubble! Making change on the ground is only half of the impact you can have.

Build your profile and raise awareness by learning how to unlock potential in PR and better engage with the media.

Publishing your impact report

Turn your impact reporting into a powerhouse for change.

Finding the right angle, wording, and visuals could mean the difference between a dull report or a tool to engage your audience.

Impact Writing for aspiring storytellers

Tell your sustainability and social stories in a way that captures your audience.

Learn to create authentic journalistic content that helps you amplify your message.

Find the confidence and clarity to communicate your impact, mission or campaign while bringing others with you.


The Profit with Purpose Magazine will be back with a Circular Economy special Summer 2023 edition. Are you working in this space, have news, innovation or else to share?


What we do

 Tick  Amplify the voice of changemakers and support impact organisations on their journey to make change happen.

Tick  Equip writers with the skills to create authentic and compelling content related to sustainability and social issues.

 Tick  Run training programs and courses for writers, impact innovators and organisations to make their content authentic and engaging.

 Tick  Raise the profile of skilled professional writers to be better placed in the market and provide publishing opportunities.

Tick  Work with purpose-driven organisations to make their content outstanding and activating.

We are dedicated to expanding the space where the next generation of storytellers can flourish and contribute to building a better society for all.

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